Ludlow Dry Gin No.4 Hibiscus Orange & Pink Peppercorn

Pink to make the boys wink 42%

A seriously smooth and intense spirit, carefully balanced, colourful, warming, delicately floral, just a little heat; a unique gin to truly savour with friends.


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The Master Distiller says

The last of my original clan: a favour for a friend, a colleague who helped me when I was starting out. I offered to make him a gin in return; it’s quite a little accident!

The botanicals are the finest juniper, coriander, angelica root, and orris are carefully blended with the colourful and warming notes of hibiscus, orange and pink peppercorn.








Pink Peppercorn

If you’ve read my blog about how I was inspired to create Ludlow Gin, you’ll already know the story about No.4: Hibiscus, Orange and Pink Peppercorn, our fourth child, affectionately known as ‘the favour for a friend’! An architect colleague helped complete a project I was struggling to fulfil on top of creating the distillery in the summer of 2018; as a thank you I offered Sean a bottle of his own bespoke gin. ‘Choose some botanicals,’ I said flippantly, and the rest is history – our fourth gin was born.

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