Single Malt English Spirit Stolen Youth

Young but surprisingly mature 42%

Taken from the whisky cask before we can officially call it single malt whisky, our single malted spirit ‘Stolen Youth’ is lovingly handcrafted in the heart of the Welsh Marches. Using only two ingredients, the finest Scottish malted barley and purified water, we carefully triple-distil this fine spirit and then age it in American bourbon casks. We simply can’t wait for three years before enjoying it; perfect as a wee dram, or for a smoky cocktail. Delicate and light with fragrant notes of heather-honey, and just a touch of peat.  


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The Master Distiller says

We’re just a bit obsessive, only the best will do — small batch; the highest quality ingredients; a small, beautiful German copper still. In short, it’s all about handcrafted excellence.

For those who enjoy a whisky cocktail, our single malted spirit, made to the same exacting standards and by the same process, but aged for less than a year, the perfect addition to your Old Fashioned.

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