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Our Story

Handcrafted excellence

We're very proud to craft the very best spirits.

It all began with the birth of Ludlow Gin in 2018. From the outset we wanted to create premium hand-crafted gins that you could drink neat as well as in cocktails and the classic G&T; distilled spirits should be creations of beauty, something to savour. We distill gin as it has been crafted for hundreds of years, using only the finest natural botanicals, and definitely no artificial colours or flavours. We use a traditional, copper-pot distillation, all we add is water to bring the gin to bottling strength.

It was only a matter of time before we used our skills as master distillers to bring a premium whisky, vodka and rum to the market as well. All created with the same commitment to handcrafted excellence.

Our Heritage

Ludlow is famous for food: passionate producers, characterful bistros and restaurants, and epic festivals.

"I’ve seen the food scene grow and develop over this time; I spotted a gap and thought I could combine my passion for premium spirits with my passion for Ludlow. It’s something new for the town I love, something that will spread the news that it’s a great place to visit.

Ludlow sits at the historical heart of the Welsh Marches, the borderlands between Wales and England. This region has been my home for the last 20 years; it’s an incredible place, from the rugged landscape of Shropshire to the rolling hills of Herefordshire."

Shaun Ward - Master Distiller

How it all began...

Creating handcrafted spirits is a fascinating and wonderful job, we simply love it.

Gin alone has seen a huge revival in recent years, and I knew from the outset that I want wanted to create a timeless classic range of gins, something to be savoured and cherished. I’ve always loved a G&T; it’s not a flavour we quickly get into when we’re young, but we soon come to appreciate the astringent, refreshing and cleansing taste of a proper juniper-led gin, there’s no stopping us! Gin is basically a form of alchemy: a simple copper alembic still as used for thousands of years, botanicals gathered and curated, patience and a little heat, and the magic happen.

I’m a big spirits fan: beautiful creations, distilled with the finest ingredients to bring you something unique to savour and enjoy; there’s always a interesting story to discover. You’ve probably guessed, I’m also a fan of single malt whisky – the stories, the landscapes, the characters that form something magical. Our family of products includes gin, rums, vodka, brandy, whisky, and eau de vie, all made with love for the discerning palate.

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