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Ludlow Gin

Ludlow Gin


We carefully source and select premium quality natural botanicals from across the globe, many of our key botanicals are grown by small producers and co-operatives, only the finest natural ingredients go into our hand-crafted gins


Our gins are made according to the strict London dry method, no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, only the finest natural botanicals; the distillate from the stills must be no less than 80% strength to ensure quality


Our traditionally handmade copper pot stills are where the magic happens, we combine natural botanicals, the finest grain spirit and purified water, then it’s a gentle heat and a lot of patience this process take 36 hours, there’s no rushing


Nothing can be rushed when it comes to creating the finest juniper led London dry gins, once our strict processes have been followed, we make sure that the spirit is true to the exacting standards, our distillers are proud of their craft


I knew from the outset that I wanted to create a timeless classic, something to be savoured and cherished. I’ve always loved a G&T, the astringent and cleansing juniper flavour is simply so refreshing, after a hard day, or at the start of a meal with friends.

Distilling a premium gin is like a form of alchemy, balancing the botanicals. I love my gin from the freezer neat in a martini, but also in an ice laden G&T, so a juniper led gin was my only desire, no glitter, and definitely no ground up unicorns! We’ve created a range of expressions, all London dry, all made exclusively form natural botanicals distilled with the finest grain spirit, we simply won’t cut corners. You can find out more about the story of how I created the gins and the recipes in my blog here.

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