Ludlow Dry Gin No.1 Classic

Classic ‘London Dry’ Gin 42%

Our signature gin, classic and timeless; evoking the gentle scent of the Shropshire hillsides. Core botanicals of juniper, coriander, angelica and orris are skilfully blended with subtle notes of lemon and orange peel, cardamom and hand-picked gorse flowers; a truly premium dry gin with exceptional length


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The Master Distiller says

All my gins are like my children, my first will always be my favourite; designed to be drunk as the perfect delicately fragranced martini, or a sublime G&T, enjoy!

The botanicals are the finest juniper, coriander, angelica root and orris, all harmonised with subtle notes of lemon, peel, cardamom, and hand-picked gorse flowers.


Lemon Peel








I was clear from the start that Ludlow gin would be juniper-led, a proper London Dry, traditionally distilled in copper. Citrus was a natural partner for me; I love the freshness of all citruses, so orange and lemon were definite.

Through my early distillation I discovered the wonders of coriander, angelica and orris; with juniper, these are called the ‘big four’ of gin. Coriander is very lemony on the nose; it’s chemically related to juniper and reinforces those juniper notes. The woodiness of angelica is essential for depth, though it’s important not to use too much!

The delicate floral fragrance of Orris is enchanting and lifts the nose of any gin. Our penultimate ingredient, cardamom, is a nod to the classic Plymouth Gin, not too much, just a little, but the refreshing menthol really helps support the pine notes of the juniper. Finally comes the addition of gorse, supplying the intoxicating fresh document smell of the Shropshire hills in spring and late summer.

There it is in a nutshell: our classic Ludlow Dry. We simply love it, and if you have the chance to try our Navy Strength, you’ll see of these ingredients really sing.

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