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As you will have picked up, I respond to brands with depth and story; I connect to people who create things with passion. Having created our house style, we needed to bring our gin brand to life. In the age of social media, we’re all just a step away from reaching audiences from across the globe – people who like what we like, who care about what we care about.

I have to say that in building an identity for Ludlow Dry we really didn’t spend hours thinking about what we were doing at the time – we simply responded to our gut instinct and chose partners to work with who seemed to share our sense of style and vision. Instinct really is the incredible power behind so many brands we come to love as consumers.

I love meeting people and making connections, it’s one of the greatest gifts my mum gave me: a relish for the joy of life. It wasn’t long before connections were being made and we were finding people who were passionate like us and wanted to work with us. I’m indebted to a group of creatives, again focussed around Ludlow, who brought made our gin live through photos and film.

In those first formative months we worked closely with Ashleigh Cadet, a photographer working in Ludlow. Ashleigh is the only person I’ve never been nervous of catching me on camera; she has an extra sensory ability to feel the moment. Ashleigh has often joked about the fact that she can’t escape her hero shot of Ludlow dry, it’s testament to her ability to feel the energy from a product and bring it to life.

We’ve been so fortunate to work with people who are drawn to work with us. We met another photographer, Leo Holden, at our first Ludlow Food Festival – a chance meeting when he was visiting his mother, but like Ashleigh he reached out. During lockdown 2020 Leo offered to collaborate with us, and his energy and enthusiasm helped us to create our iconic portfolio of cocktail serves.

Lockdown 2020 was tough to say the least; for all of us a tremendously worrying time. Six months later it’s difficult to say with certainty what the future holds, but with Leo, Tom and Miche from Lush Films, and the ever affable mixologist Teddy we were able to create our cocktail serves to keep our tribe occupied during the most trying of times. You can find our cocktails here.

I mention the word tribe at this stage, because this is what we have come to know and love. We don’t just sell gin; when people buy our gin, they join our extended family, our gin tribe, and we just love keeping in touch. It’s the best bit about what we do, hearing how happy our gin makes you. Opportunities to interact with customers is really what its’ all about; it was the magic I first experienced growing up in the pub trade, the atmosphere I remember my mum creating. People would travel for miles to drink and eat were she worked.

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