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Single Malt English Whisky


To create a hearty wort full of barley flavour we combine the finest English malt, and the finest Scottish peated malt; we're the only distillery in England to use peated malt in all are mash bills. Made in small batches, a longer fermentation ensures maximum flavour. Spent grains from the brewing of the wort are collected by a local farmer, processed in a biodigester and turned into electricity.


The spirit is carefully poured into an American single-use, ex-bourbon barrels that have also been used to mature scottish whisky in Speyside. It’s here that the spirit adopts its gentle oaky flavour; we don’t completely fill the barrel, allowing the spirit to breathe and develop a richer and more complex flavour. Sometimes we double/triple cask mature: after some time, usually three years, the spirit is transferred into aanother barrel, such as as a sherry cask for final maturation or finishing; this second cask imparts unique flavours into the beautiful single malt spirit.


At the heart of our whisky is our 200 litre German column still, unique in the England, it helps us to create a precisely controlled distillation. The four copper plates gently quadruple-distil the spirit, ensuring maximum contact with the developing vapours and that all impurities are removed. Hot water from the condenser and from the previous distillations are used to warm the next batches, thereby reducing our fuel consumption.

Cask Finishing

After maturing in a ex bourbon/speyside barrel, spirit from different batches and distillations are carefully blended to ensure consistency in each batch, it's truly 'slow food'. We often finish our spirit in a range of incredible casks, and only when it’s perfectly ready, do we gently water down the aged spirit with purified water from the Welsh marches. Finally we gently non-chill filter to our hearty house strength of 42%. After such care and attention, we lovingly bottle, wrap and box by hand. We're proud that they are desired by most discerning whisky collectors.


Our premium single malt spirit is crafted in what we believe to be one of the smallest commercial whisky distilleries in the UK, using a rare German column still.

Ludlow single malt whisky is true small batch production, with only 400 bottles available every six months until late 2024. Our first edition sold out in 3 minutes and 8 secs, you’ll need to be quick to get your hands on one, make sure you’re on our mailing list, these are collectors items.

We pride ourselves in the same obsessive attention to detail that goes into all our spirits. Every bottle is adorned with a beautiful, tactile letterpress label, before being hand signed, numbered and boxed, so you know exactly which of the 400 bottles you have.

Every six months we release a new small batch cask finish, Ludlow Whisky is the ultimate 'Slow Food', it’s made with an incredible amount of care and love, it all about handcrafted excellence.

And if you’re unable to get your hands on a bottle of our single malt, do try Stolen Youth, our single malt spirit, it’s young, but surprisingly mature.

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