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We adore rum, none more so than those from the Caribbean, it’s been a great pleasure to source and import the finest single-estate rums, pure and untouched by the addition of artificial colours or flavours

Adding the spice...

Our spiced rum is created by the addition of a spiced distillate that we produce in our handmade copper stills, we simply add our own botanical twist: orange peel, vanilla, cassia and a touch of clove; creating a premium spirit


Our master distiller blends bourbon-barrel-aged darker rums with a touch of young rum, rich in fragrant vanilla notes and hints of tropical fruits, creating a refined golden 'tot' to be truly enjoyed and savoured


Nothing can be rushed when it comes to creating the finest rum, once our strict processes have been followed, we make sure that the spirit is true to the exacting standards, our distillers are proud of their craft


Our rums are distilled by a single estate distillery in the Caribbean. Sugar cane, blessed by the sunny and balmy conditions of those islands creates the finest molasses. Skills passed down through generations create the finest rums from this delicious and sweet sugar cane

Gently aged in bourbon casks, our rums have a naturally rich golden colour, no artificial caramel colouring or sweeteners, at Wardington’s we only want the best

Our Navy strength is perfect served over the rocks, or try our spiced, just the tot for a dark and stormy


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